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Molecular Mumbai

“We’re off to the UK next week and guess where we’ve got reservations…”


“The Fat Duck!”

“The Fat Duck?”

“The Fat Duck!!”

“Not THE Fat Duck!”

“Yes, THE Fat Duck!”

There was a time a few years ago when people didn’t know what or who The Fat Duck was. But these days, I’ve been meeting a lot of people planning their travels around their reservations at molecular or Michelin restaurants. This could mean a lot of things — Indians like food, Indians want more varieties of food, Indians have the means to spend copious amounts of money on food and food-related experiences, the list is endless.

But while I encountered jet-setters in search of different types and techniques — especially molecular gastronomy after El Bulli shuttering became international news — very few of them knew that food science is already implemented at select restaurants in Mumbai.

It was a fascinating feature once I’d collated all the details but the prize winning revelation was that the lack of awareness owed itself to the chefs not wanting to publicise how and why science got on their dinner plates.

Really? Really! Here’s why: Science on the Dinner Place for The Indian Express.

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