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Dish Pick | Pani Puri in Hasnabad Market

I have a confession to make… It’s silly really. But it’s important. Here goes: I have a fear of Paani Puri. Phew! There, I’ve said it and I feel so much better!

You see, the puffed up puris filled to the brim with sweet and spicy water and those little crispy boondis make me nervous. It’s just too big a bite to swallow and I’m constantly afraid that a shard of crispy puri will break away and get lodged in my throat, cutting through my wind pipe. I can already hear my boyfriend snickering as he reads this.

But what I have is a legitimate fear! One that haunts me as much as my arachnophobia and nyctophobia. But if you aren’t me, you definitely want to try pani puris in Bombay. Punjab Sweet House and Elco Market in Bandra are popular favourites. But you may also want to swing by and give the guy in Santacruz market a try.

Ok, so I did try one pani puri this evening — sometimes we must test our own theories to ensure that we aren’t totally insane. And it wasn’t bad. The balance of sweet and spicy was perfect and the puri was as sharp, sorry, crisp as they come. It’s definitely a good pitstop to make on an evening out buying saris and dress materials.

Photo taken @ Santacruz Market, Mumbai

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