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Mini Review | Daddy’s Deli, Bangalore

It’s easy to over order Daddy’s Deli, a Parsi food place in Bangalore. Which is why I recommend you go there at least 5 hours after breakfast. I did, with four others there wasn’t a grain of rice or a hint of curry left on our plates at the end of the meal. Try the Dhansak (duh), the salli boti, biryani and (strange as it may sound) the Goan prawn curry which comes with a portion of steamed rice.

They also have a counter with homemade gourmet ice-creams — honestly, the word ‘gourmet’ is a bit too exploited in India, don’t you think? But the flavours are interesting — honey and thyme and caramel were my favourites. But overall they’re more watery and crystallised than rich and creamy.

Verdict: I’d stick to the food on a ravenous appetite if I were you.

Photo taken @ Daddy’s Deli, Indiranagar, Bangalore

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