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The lane with the trees blooming purple, orange and yellow flowers is silent. A few people walk their dogs, others jog past on their morning run. Most are still asleep in their beds. But largely, everything is still and yes, silent.

Suddenly, Raja appears. His snout sniffing out from under his gate. He finds an opening and comes zipping out. Playful as a puppy ought to be. Simba starts to cower behind me. He doesn’t like being jumped by this hyper youngling, not knowing he was just as fidgety a year ago. Stella, off her leash on most mornings, startles and then runs off barking, howling and then bark-howling. It isn’t a pretty sound. Most people are probably stirring in their bed. Cursing the commotion.

A few hours later, on their afternoon walk, Simba and Stella go visit Raja at home. It’s a mansion with a large front lawn and plenty of shade from the sun. Raja shares space with the caretaker in the yard. We enter and Stella calms down at the sight of green grass and Simba, off his leash in this large enclosure, starts to rediscover the puppy he was until recently. He run around at top speed. Raja follows. He tails Simba everywhere. I think he looks up to him. Which is why he leads him towards the back of the house to show him the pool that has been dug up. The two start digging a ditch of their own. It isn’t big enough to be a pool. But watching them wriggling in their respective holes you’d think they were on vacation.

The street is silent again today. But it’s a different kind of silence. There isn’t a wisp of wind but the air is still cool and crisp with dew. Joggers jog past. Dogs on leashes take a wee. Simba walks with caution, preparing to be jumped by a hyper puppy. And Stella is starting to get jumpy in anticipation.

But time goes by, we walk to the end of the road and back. We even circle around the park. As we return home we stand in front of Raja’s gate. Simba stuffs his snout under the partition. But it’s silent. Empty. Raja’s little snout doesn’t appear and sniff back.

Where’d he go? Simba seems to ask. Stella is running around in circles dodging a bee.

I don’t know, I say out loud. He’s gone.

When will he come back?

I don’t know.


I wish I knew.

We jog the rest of the way home. I give them each a cookie at the door.

I sit down to work. The dogs lay down for a nap. We smile at each other.

The street is silent again tomorrow. Orange flowers are in bloom. And Raja is still nowhere in sight.

Missing Dog


We’re trying to locate Raja, a 2-3 month old indie pup who has gone missing from Whitefield, Bangalore — Outer Cicle Road/Borewell Road/Whitefield Main Road.

He was living in the compound of an empty villa with a big garden and lots of shelter. The caretakers of the place were looking after him. We just want to know if someone adopted him off the street or if there’s a possibility that the authorities picked him up. Most of all, we just want to ensure that he’s okay. If someone has indeed taken him to a good home we would be really really happy. We’re just hoping that nothing terrible has happened to him. 

Colour: Brown and white

Distinguishing marks: His paws are white, like he’s got socks on. His tail has a white tip and a bit of black. 

Contact: afsha(dot)khan(at)gmail(dot)com 

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