Now Reading: It by Stephen King


It is highly unusual for me to read three books in two weeks. I don’t remember going through that much fiction since my final board exams in college – ten years ago!

I guess I’ve had a good couple of weeks. Lucky even, to have discovered some amazing reads like The Boy who could see Demons and Elenor & Park (review coming soon).

I said to myself, you know, it’s good to have turned so many pages so fast. Why not take on something a little more ambitious, classic even!

I have wanted to read It by Stephen King for years but I haven’t really had the courage. Partly because I remember snippets from the movie I peek-a-boo’d though my fingers as a child. But also because, and I’m ashamed to admit this, I haven’t had the best luck with Stephen King novels in the past. The stories sound fascinating on the jacket, but once I hit the pages, I just find myself lost, in my own imagination no less, spacing out.

But given the few weeks I’ve had, I feel really confident that I can take this little monster on. It’s also my last book for 2014 so I’m hoping the mammoth size or the wooly section of my brain doesn’t discourage me from finishing it. Or at least giving it a good, honest attempt at a start.

Here goes!

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