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The Saturday eReader: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake


Very rarely do you come across a book that has you hooked the minute you read its name. If you’re a fan of horror, witchcraft and the occult, download this book without a second of thought — if the name and jacket art haven’t peaked your interest already.

It’s a bit ‘high school’ at times, but not in the usual, formulaic way you might imagine. Well, maybe in the similarities to the once-carefree-now-totally-rogered group of friends who have foolishly kicked the hornet’s nest. It deals with some pretty dark stuff too so don’t waltz in looking to get a kick out of a forbidden romance beyond the grave.

Of course, Anna Dressed in Blood, quick, fascinating read that it is, is probably not the best representative of its genre. But it’s a pretty damn good attempt nevertheless! TV series worthy, I would say, once The Vampire Diaries stuffs it once and for all. Read it on your Kindle before that happens.

Download & read Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

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