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The Goldfinch: Would you download the e-version if you already owned the book?

I know this (further) exposes me for the lazy person that I am, but the physical weight of the book really got to me after a while!

With a book as acclaimed as The Goldfinch by Donna Tart — that it has won the Pulitzer also helps — you just know it will make an impressive addition to your bookshelf. I know I did! And it looks good up there too. Except… I couldn’t finish it.

That wasn’t for lack of trying though. I read it greedily everywhere I went. In the bus to work, at work, at lunches I arrived to early on purpose and just before bed.

The issue was, and this is going to make me sound like a cupcake, while I loved the book immensely, my neck, arms and shoulders could NOT take the weight of it anymore. At over 850 pages, it actually made one of the straps of my handbag come loose. Sure, I could have probably bought a sturdier handbag, just appreciated the gentle workout, or been sane and unloaded things unnecessary to readers such as wallets, snack boxes and hand lotions. But after a point, I’d had enough. And now I walk by the title proudly displayed on my bookshelf every single day and think: You know, I should have really downloaded that on my Kindle!

As of now, I’m waiting for the right moment, maybe when I feel a little less guilty and more self-indulgent, to download this book I already own. I mean, seriously! Who in their right mind would buy a book and download it to their ereader just so they don’t have to work hard to hold it up to the light?

That would be me, hello, nice to meet you, I’d shake your hand but that’s too much of a workout so…

What would you do if you were faced with my situation?

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