Happy Holidays

I’m exactly where I want to be! How about you? | Happy Holidays

The last post on this blog was published in June. The horror! Of course that has nothing on the many “real” developments that took place in our world since, so I’m sure you, oh solitary reader of my blog, don’t mind.

But with the New Year comes new opportunities and a red hot drive to do things one should have been doing already, and ACTUALLY doing them.

In 2017, I want to change a lot of things about my writing. For starters, I want to write more. That’s always a good place to start. Like, glue my butt to my chair and bang something out no matter how inedible and feel the subtle satisfaction of a job well tried. Let’s call this resolution # 1 then, shall we? Write 1000 words a day and save it to a folder, inner critic be damned.

I also want to delve into the world of food in a way that I’ve always wanted to but never quite could because I was limited by personal inhibitions or the rules of commercial content — Is it newsy enough? Has it been written about before? Is it a trend? Who’s going to want to read that? Bah. Food is food and yet it is so much more than just food. It’s sustenance, yes. But it’s also an emotion, a state of mind, an expression…I could keep going. But what I really like about food is how it has the propensity to bring people together. So yes. Resolution # 2: Write about food the way I’ve always wanted to. As a story, personal histories and vast geographies, ideals and philosophies, all expressed on a humble plate. I hope to tell stories that I would like to read and feature people who inspire me on a very personal level. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about them too.

It isn’t wise to make too many personal development resolutions. So I’m just going to make one last resolve and call it a year. In 2017, I want to read more. Like, 52 books more! That’s one book a week. Am I being too ambitious? Definitely. Sounds crazy? Wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t. So I may not complete 52 books in 52 weeks. I may come across a single book that takes me two weeks to get through because it’s so immersive I don’t want to miss a single word, line and everything written between those lines. I might even bite off more than I can chew with a book that makes me struggle to stay awake from start to, well, the end of the first chapter. But I’m not letting this year go by without giving this a try. So that’s resolution # 3: Read a book a week. And to add accountability, blog about it here! It could tie in well with Resolution # 1 and ensure that I’m publishing one new post a week so that I don’t wait another 6 months before saying hi.

This has been a truly crappy year in a lot of ways. But it has also been a great one for me in many respects. I became my my own boss this year. I also became a slave to a tiny human. But that didn’t stop me from setting up my home office (ok, this is a lot fancier than it sounds) and truly and completely accepting that writing is going to feature very prominently in my career path ahead.

So I’m off to make some plans, set some goals and drink loads of wine. Hope you too are sitting somewhere you truly love and doing exactly what you want to do in the run up to what is promising to be a spectacular year ahead.

Happy New Year!

Afsha xx

3 thoughts on “I’m exactly where I want to be! How about you? | Happy Holidays”

  1. Good luck! 😀 My book resolution for 2017 is less ambitious – 1 book a month but with the current time-management skills, I’ll be happy if I finish 12!


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