writing a grocery list
A good view can inspire an excellent grocery list among other things.

Body of work: The Indian Express 
Bylines: Hindustan Times
Book Reviews: The Caterpillar Cafe (blog)
Column: Do or Die? People who swear by fancy diets would do better to promote good food than make debatable claims @ Heter Skelter
Column: The Tea Party Part 1 An alternative idea for a birthday party @ Heter Skelter
Column: The Tea Party Part 2 Is our generation incapable of functioning at a gathering without a cocktail or three? @ Heter Skelter
Column: Is your food depressed? Exploring the possibilities of food and emotion among those who put the two together. Inspired by Aimee Bender’s The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake @ Heter Skelter
Column: The Power of Pie Do we love the idea of cooking more than the act of cooking itself? @ Heter Skelter
Fiction: The Blue Jay a short story 
Blog: The Novice on Wine Pairing revelations @ Wine Kart
Travel Guide: Sing a Song of Singapore Stay, Eat, Shop, Do @ Conde Nast Traveller India (Online)
Food and Beer Review: Windmills Craftworks @Hipcask
Feature: Pet Projects/Portraits of a Pooch @BangaloreMirror
Feature: In-grained foods – about the trend of using local Indian grains in international food @BangaloreMirror
Feature: Not a piece of cake – about Bangalore’s talented bakers bringing sugar to life at the 40th annual cake show
Column: ‘I love my son. But I have no patience with babies’ for The Swaddle
Column: ‘The World is a Scary Place, And I’m an Overprotective parent’ for The Swaddle
Column: ‘How I stopped complaining about nanny problems’ for The Swaddle
Column: Let a fussy eater fuss for The Swaddle
Column: Raising a boy is harder than raising a girl for The Swaddle
Column: A mon’s flip-flop on the sleep training front for The Swaddle

The Slow Cook Blog for BangaloreMirror
Post # 1: A taste of procrastination
Post #2: The feast at the end of Platform 9¾
Post #3: Holiday hangovers
Post #4: Silence of the goats
Post #5: When food ‘image’ issues attack!
Post #5: Batter for brats

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