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So, my colleagues have been making fun of me because all my stories of late feature food items that just so happen to be healthier alternatives to staples. It started with a feature on beetroots (I mean, how many people do you know who would pay gourmet prices for something they refuse to eat at home anyway?); expanded to tea in cooking and the latest one features quinoa. Let’s not forget that story about oats, tofu…. and, oh man! Maybe they do have a point. In my defense (these things do need one to put their guard up, for some strange reason) with the right preparation, healthy food can actually taste better than heart-attack inducing favourites. Also, it’s always nice to know you have choices.

But just to prove them wrong, I’m going to do something so starkly different next week, just. Can’t be a writer and predictable at the same time, can you?

Food, Published Work

Column | Good for you food isn’t so bad!

I never thought much about food until I had to start writing about it. Once that happened, I realised that perhaps the beat, softer than most, I’ll admit, needs a certain level of responsible reportage rather than raves about food porn. This is one of my favourite photos — from the many I’ve taken. It’s a bowl of fresh fruit — apples, papaya, mango, chickoo and banana — with plain yogurt, honey and granola. Linked to this is my first blog post for The Indian Express’ Talk Blog which is sort of a precursor, an explanation if you may, to how I plan to approach food — personally and professionally — from here on out.