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Dish Pick | Tomato and Boconcini Salad, Salt Water Cafe

Ever met a flavour that changed your opinion of a dish? Like a lemon butter sauce that turned broccoli into a staple? Or a particularly good pâté that made chicken liver more than palatable?

I hated tomatoes growing up. Tough skin, gooey centre, bite into it for the fruit that it is and it sprays you with juice you just can’t wipe off fast enough.

But there’s something different about the Tomato and Bocconcini salad at Bandra’s Salt Water Cafe. The combination of rocket, onion sauce and the tender slices of cheese sent tomatoes from my detested to most desired list. It is now, in my books, one of the most amazing appetisers in the city and it goes best with a glass of white wine sangria on a warm summer afternoon.

Photo taken @ Salt Water Cafe, Bandra

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